Business Structuring



We advise on structuring and creating your business, from an operative, commercial and legal perspective, including but not limited to, preparing the business plan, advising on marketing strategy, obtaining financing (secured or unsecured) and creating the necessary legal documents for the operation of your business.

We also act as brokers bringing sellers, buyers and/or investors together for purposes of entering into any type of transaction, as well as for the financing or re-financing of your business, providing conventional full-service based on a commission brokerage relationship under a signed agreement with all our clients.


We typically estimate the value of the business, advertise it for sale/financing with or without disclosing the identity, handle the initial potential interviews, discussions, and negotiations and facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation.

Our business structuring and brokerage experience focuses among others, within the following sectors: automotive, banking, finance, real estate, mining, network marketing, restauranteur, wholesale and retail, etc.

  Business Sectors


Real Estate


We act as "brokers" in businesses that involve the acquisition of real estate carrying out the negotiation by our own means; In this way, we perform the operations and tasks necessary and required by our clients from the search of the properties until the conclusion of the process of the sale of the same.


Mergers & Acquisitions


We have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions of companies representing the seller or buyer. At VLL we seek to maximize the value of our customers' participation in this type of operations, participating in the entire structuring and negotiation process until the closing of the transaction.


Private Equity


We advise our clients to promote themselves with national and foreign private capital funds, and for this purpose we support them in the structuring, negotiation and closing of association or co-investment operations.


Financing of public and private resources


We have extensive knowledge in the financial sector and support our clients in the process to obtain financing from public and private institutions, or with private institutions in the capital market.For the purpose of the foregoing, we design leverage structures for different types of projects in different sectors of the industry, from structuring, negotiation and until the closing of financing.


Financing or structured debt issues


At VLL we understand the sources of flow, times and assets of a business, which allows us to design a suitable financing scheme that allows our clients to improve their liquidity in a business.